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The eyes have it, Remus Tiplea

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Richard Mosse, The Enclave, (2012).

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Return to Magenta

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Badlands in bloom, Guy Tal

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Return to Magenta, Julieanne Kost

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Can’t see the forest, there’s too many trees - Daniel Kovalovszky

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Photographs by Kacper Kowalski


Edge of reality, Uri Shapira

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Gradients, Dan Tobin Smith

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José Parlá, In Medias Res, now at Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery.

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New York-based artist Kim Keever creates intriguing abstract photographs through an experimental exploration of form and color. To create each piece, the artist drops colorful paint pigments into a huge aquarium tank and then simply documents the interaction of liquids. The unpredictable process leads to beautifully abstract creations that look like billowing fabric, underwater creatures, and splatters of paint across a canvas. With a touch of imagination, viewers may begin to create narratives based on what they see.

You should take care, Pakayla Biehn

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Specimens, Michael Mapes

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