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Tom Blachford is giving us a stunning view on his hometown Melbourne. Known for his minimalistic style and clean aesthetic with a penchant for architecture and a mirroring app, he recently shot these pictures from an open-door helicopter.
The result makes us a little jealous as it looks quite great to live in such a beautiful town that offers lots of amazing activities or as Tom Blachford puts it : “The combination of nightlife, picnics, café culture, days at the beach and moonlight cinemas makes it hard to beat.”


Edward Burtynsky’s “Water” at Sundaram Tagore Gallery.

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Earth glance

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Don’t wreck my flow, Edward Burtynsky

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From on high, Renato Stockler

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Proof, from on high

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Pattern recognition

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Above down under, Tom Blachford

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Bernhard Lang

From above, Gray Malin

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Emsembles assembled, Katrin Korfmann

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Palette, Nick Franck

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Lisa Golightly

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