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David Olenick

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The hustle of life in big cities leaves more and more people feeling depleted, tired and overpowered. ArtistRebecca Mock uses her imagination to create serene, indulgent works which are distracting our minds from the hectic of the everyday. Her animations are subtly adjusted with motion graphics to bring mesmerizing, somewhat hypnotic elements to still life pieces.

Relics of technology

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Hot Wheels

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Game of Thrones, Jerry Liu

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Fade to black, Isabella Vacchi

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The Hälssen & Lyon Tea Calendar by Kolle Rebbe, Hamburg

The Hälssen & Lyon tea calendar is the first calendar in the world to feature calendar days made from tea leaves. Finely flavoured and pressed until wafer-thin, the 365 calendar days can be individually detached and brewed directly in the cup with hot water. The tea calendar was sent exclusively to selected business partners.

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Photos by Victoria Ivanova

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Works by Christian Zander


James Hoff at NADA Art Fair

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New worlds, Tom Sewell

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Alexander Semenov

Double exposure, Lara Kiosses

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